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Knowledge Management

Organization, installation and configuration of hardware, operating systems and network software. Creating application environments and the structure of telecommunication connections to the outsourcing of complete Network services. This includes the management of distributed systems and cluster and the use of Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.

The support through information technology is of organizational structures and processes in many companies still at the beginning. The transformation of information into the dominant competitive factor of knowledge is the predominant goal of many activities.


Groupware & Workflow

Structure of knowledge of the employee of who control the information and the cooperation in virtual teams are examples of groupware and workflow solutions, that we mostly implement based on Internet technologies.

From the analysis of organisational issues up to the development tailor-made solutions based on groupware and workflow systems like
Lotus Notes , Microsoft Exchange , SharePoint, CRM etc. including integration into existing IT structures and the connection to...



Typically take groupware solutions implement a defined structure the homogeneous cooperation same group and departments within a company. Common applications are Implementation of management information systems (MIS) and customer relation management (CRM) Applications.



In the workflow field everyone put a high value on the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation of various groups. The implementation includes often "open" structures, within which an exchange of information can flow in defined directions. The organization of these structures makes high demands with regard to the imaging capabilities between the software and exisistings organizational structures. Best is, from the used ICT solutions desired enterprise ideal solution possible reality close off. Typical Examples are based on Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes and enterprise resource planning applications (ERP) and platforms.


Network and Communication

Internet, intranet, extranet- World Wide Web

The worldwide networking provides companies new challenges. The use of internet technologies for communication with customers and business partners or between sites requires a wide range of organizational and technical Capabilities.

Concept, design, implementation and integration of complex networks and the integration of web applications using CGI scripts, direct server database links or Java applets/applications is a further focus of our activities.

These are as dynamic solution Implemented activities often into existing IT structures.

Our know-how extends from the internet connection via ISDN, DSL, VPN or frame relay solutions design and operation from internet - properties with integrated database functions up to interactive web applications with dynamically generated content. Other services: domain registration, physical Connection (e.g. via ISDN or leased lines / Frame Relay), outsourcing of web servers (ASP), project planning and...



Voice over IP, Videokonferencing, net TV. communications is all . Who optimize business processes wants, needs a meaningful communication strategy... and the technical Know-How.

With strong partners in the telecommunications sector, we offer solutions for the future.

With the partners COLT and DTAG and CISCO, DELL, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Microsoft in Germany and Europe and Etisalat, CISCO, DELL, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft in U.A.E. and Middle East there are powerful Backbone Provider, hardware specialists/vendor and software vendor standby, which product range we use in our projects to realize the best communication between companies and customers and to implement in the company itself.

In particular in the CRM area, powerful communications solutions increasingly important. Not only in the dialog to the customer is the combination of the "old" and"new" world of immensely high importance. More and more companies discover the "internal" customers, either as power user or as service providers in the competence center as profit centers or as hotline provider in the service level support.

We supply a "tailor-made" solution for your needs.


System Management

Systems Management

The complexity in information and communication systems increases as well as the need to protect existing investments. Knowledge of dependencies and conflict potential in complex configurations in LAN and WAN links have a central relevance in the today's IT environment.

Our employees control the integration of new components into existing systems as well as the migration of existing applications to new platforms. These knowledge we bring in in the structure and the management of heterogeneous networks.

In the order to our customers we operation and manage the administration of heterogeneous Networks. The system management can be either locally or from a central console. In particular the analysis of a resource bottlenecks and the optimization of system usage are priorities of this activity.

Demand are also everyday administrative tasks such as the maintenance of User IDs, backup databases and monitoring performance critical system parameters.







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