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Consulting Services


Networks, migration projects, infrastructure. There are many hardware and software on the market, but which is the "right ones"?  We help you with the decisions, neutral and cost-conscious. Up towards a "turnkey" solution.

Design Concept

As soon as the decision-making phase is completed, we make you due to the determined results and your needs a corresponding concept.


We concerns for the implementation of the concepts. Not only the concepts of us created...This includes implementation and migration also adjustment and system management. Both hardware and software.


Project Procedure

How to

The How to within projects fit we flexibly to the special requirements of the individual customer. The following is an ideal-typical describtion of the project cycle, which brings together the most important experience.

Most Start is a drafted together with the customer project definition, the an allocation of tasks between project team, project management and Steering Committee determines. In close cooperation, the appointment and Developed resource scheduling.

The actual project runs in several other based and partially overlapping project phases.


Starting point many products is an in-depth analysis of organizational actual state, the technical conditions and the technical and to build requirements that technological or changing to Information system.

As result creates comprehensive documentation that especially one with the customer provides elaborated priority of requirements.


On based on this priority by using the user a debit concept developed, that the architecture and functionality, but also organizational integration of the system to implement brings together.

In many cases is at this stage consultation requirements, if an image of existing processes seems impractical and with new technical Potential economic objectives with lower development costs can achieve.

For the implementation of the expected concept are in cooperation with the customer selected best products available on the market. Design for the adjustments and will supplement the standard products and necessary developments also developed with the user.




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